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Make a Backup Plan!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Happy New Year! Make a resolution to keep your data safe this year, by putting a good backup system into place! Here are some common backup mistakes I’ve run into:

  1. You have no backup at all. Hard drives don’t last forever, and if you have any files (important documents, pictures, videos) you don’t want to lose, a dead drive can mean a total loss of those files.

  2. Your external backup drive is plugged in, but no backup process is running. Just plugging in the drive isn’t enough.

  3. Your backup software seems to be running, but you’ve never checked to see if it’s actually backing things up. Every now and then, try restoring something from your backup, just to make sure.

  4. Your backup software is backing files up onto your primary hard drive. Not only does that fill up your hard drive with backup copies, but if the drive dies, both the original and the copies could be gone!

  5. Only backing up locally. It’s a good idea to either swap backup drives with a friend from time to time, or use an online backup service, so that your data doesn’t just exist in one location.

If you need help figuring out what to do about backups, contact me via my website at for a FREE system assessment.

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