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About Tim Castle

I have over 30 years of experience with computers, including 14 years working in Information Technology departments in the Silicon Valley. I started tinkering with computers a little in high school, and quickly discovered that I could very quickly figure out just about anything about computers, and how to use them to get things done. In college, I majored in Math/Computer Science, and worked in the computer lab on campus. It was there that I learned how to speak about computer problems and solutions with people of various skill levels.

I spent over 13 years in a large company doing desktop support, training, and system administration. I got to play with new technologies as they came around, such as Windows NT, the World Wide Web, electronic forms processing, handheld computers and PDAs, and broadband networking. Whenever something new made sense, I found ways of making them useful to the company.

Later, I worked in a small company, at the height of the “dot-com” boom. I learned how to move quickly, work independently, and wear a lot of different hats.

I have been doing private consulting and sub-contracting since 2002, and have found out how grateful people can be for someone who will show up on time, listen well, and treat them with respect. You can expect the same.

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Castle I.T. Services is a proud member of

the Castro Valley / Eden Area Chamber of Commerce

Thumbtack is a great service that helps me find more clients, and helps people who need services from experts in different fields. Post a requests, and experts in your area will submit bids for the work. As a business, it’s a great way to get a little more visibility and find new opportunities!

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