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Automatic Updates for Mac computers

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Keeping your Mac updated with security fixes is one good way to help your system continue to stay free from malware. Even though it’s rare on Macs, the potential for malware is there, and we’re seeing more attacks as time goes on. Here’s how to set your system to let you know when updates are ready to install.

  1. Under the Apple Menu, go to “System Preferences”

  2. Click on the “App Store” icon

  3. Check the boxes for all of the following:

  4. “Automatically check for updates”

  5. “Download newly available updates in the background”

  6. “Install app updates”

  7. “Install OS X updates” (or “Install macOS updates” for Sierra and later)

  8. “Install system data files and security updates

  9. Look at the “Last check was…” date; if it’s been a while, click on the “Check Now” button to get new updates

When your computer has downloaded new updates, you’ll get a notification to let you know. You can then go into the App Store app click on the “Updates” icon at the top, and apply any updates that are available.

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